Steel Beam Lifting

Steel Beam Installation and Lifter Hire

Steel beams offer structural support to buildings making them a necessary part of construction. However, they are extremely large and heavy, making it difficult and potentially dangerous to move them around sites and install. Luckily, here at Total Lifting Services, we offer high-quality solutions to help you tackle your steel beam needs safely and efficiently.

What Can We Do?

We can completely take care of steel beam installation for your project. Our expert team will not only ensure that everyone on site is completely safe throughout the entirety of the steel beam lift, but also that the beams are installed correctly. This results in there being no health and safety risks to the buildings either. We will provide you with a thorough and reliable service where nothing is left to chance.


Why Choose Us?

If you are unsure of which company to choose for steel beam installation on your project, there are a number of benefits that come with choosing us. Our 35 years of industry experience has perfectly equipped us to be able to tackle all types of lifting projects with ease.

We also place great importance on health and safety and take all of the necessary precautions to ensure that no one is put at risk. We pride ourselves on our ability to completely tailor our work to the demands of each individual project to ensure the best solution each and every time.

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Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out more information about our steel beam installation services. We are always on hand to help and our friendly team can assist you every single step of the way. Call 0208 226 4000 now.

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