Roof Trusses

Roof Truss Lifting Equipment And Solutions

At Total Lifting Services, we are experts in providing our customers with all types of lifting solutions for a whole range of different projects, this includes roof truss lifting services. In the construction industry, roof trusses are vital in ensuring full support for roofs. However, roof trusses are extremely large and heavy and are required to be positioned at height, so getting them in place calls for the use of lifting aids. We have the perfect roof truss lifting equipment to suit your construction needs.

What Can We Do?

Regardless of the shape, size and weight of your roof truss, we can provide you with safe and efficient lifting solutions. We do this by offering both crane hire and contract lifting services. We can help you to make light work of your project easily and accurately, with our lifting equipment placing your roof truss exactly where it needs to be. Whether you have the skills and experience of operating cranes and just need to utilise our machinery, or if you require both a crane and an operator, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose TLS For Roof Truss Lifting?

When it comes to choosing a lifting equipment and solutions hire company, safety should be the main factor considered. At TLS we guarantee that all of our equipment is completely safe through carrying out regular maintenance and servicing. Secondly, convenience should be considered. We offer a whole range of different options and are bound to have at least one solution that will make your project much more simple and efficient.

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