Mechanical Movement

Mechanical Movement

Our Lift and Shift Services

A mechanical movement, otherwise known as a ‘lift and shift services’, involves the movement of heavy plant within an area that is otherwise inaccessible to cranes. Our mechanical movement service is suitable for more complex lifts which require complex planning in order for the move to be completed successfully and safely. All of our lift and shift services are carried out by knowledgeable experts. Our mechanical movement specialists are fully trained and highly experienced in carrying out complicated heavy plant movement.

When is a Mechanical Movement necessary?

Mechanical movement is required if you have any internal heavy machinery which needs to be relocated. Lift and shift services are also required with other large and particularly bulky items.

As a leading lift and shift company, we are able to provide specialist equipment and skilled operatives to complete these manoeuvres successfully. Our heavy plant movement services include:

  • Pre lifting on-site assessment
  • Job planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Full insurance and relevant permits
  • Traffic management where necessary
  • Liaison with local authorities
  • Fully trained personnel
  • The latest lifting equipment

Mechanical Movement | South East

To find out whether heavy plant movement will be required for your project, get in touch with a member of our team today. We’ll be able to advise on the equipment you’ll require and can answer questions about mechanical movement. Give us a call today to find out more.


Whether you need a spa bath, steel beam, glazed units, air conditioning, or any other items lifted – our contract lift crane hire service has you covered.


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Otherwise known as a ‘lift and shift’ service, it involves the movement of heavy plant within an area that is otherwise inaccessible to cranes.

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