Bocker AK46 6000 Crane Hire

The impressive Bocker AK46 6000 boasts a payload of up to 6t, making it an ideal hire option for many projects. It perfectly combines performance and strength with its huge working loads and efficiency. Our Bocker crane for hire has a maximum extension length of 44 meters, as well as unrivaled performance. The lorry-mounted crane also has the option of adding an additional mechanical extension, that can be easily fitted by two bolts and can provide an extended up to 46m in length. 

The sheer agility of the Bocker 46 6000 crane makes it a key part of any project, thanks to its compact and low body weight it can thrive in challenging circumstances. As your dependable assistant, our truck-mounted crane for hire helps to maximise productivity on site. The new radio control with full-colour display and state-of-the-art camera technology makes it one of the safest cranes on the market.

Bocker 46 Crane Hire

Our modern hybrid crane comes with an additional electric motor, as a result, it’s low-emissions and quiet operation makes it ideal for populated areas. The Bocker crane features adjustable fuse protection, so it utilises the maximum available current on-site. The stop-and-go-automatic device makes it a sustainable and environmentally friendly option due to its limited energy consumption. 

If in the event of there being no power supply on the construction site, the hybrid truck-mounted crane for hire can be easily operated by the power-take-off via the truck engine. By utilising the latest engine technology, the exhaust fumes are cleaned and AdBlue is injected. As with all Bocker cranes, they feature biodegradable long-life hydraulic oil making it one of the lowest water pollution class.

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